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    This FREE Course Reveals the Secrets Behind Chemistry
    & How to Have it When You Want it

    1. Why does the person I fancy not fancy me back?
    2. Why isn’t “The Chemistry Fairy” sprinkling magic dust on me on dates?
    3. How do I show someone I’m interested without looking needy?
    4. How do I avoid rejection from someone I like?
    5. What do I say to my date to get things started?
    6. How do I get closer and experience more connection & Intimacy?
    7. How do I know if they are attracted to me?
    8. How do I know when they are flirting with me and how do I flirt back?
    9. Is sexual attraction important on a first date and how do I grow it?
    10. Why am I not getting a second date when things were so promising in the beginning?

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    What You Get In The FREE How to Build Chemistry Course

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    Step 1: What is Chemistry?

    Discover What Chemistry Really Is

    Understand what chemistry
    actually is and learn how to
    identify it. Find out if you can
    experience chemistry with the
    partner of your choice.
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    Step 2: The Connection Phase

    Learn How to Build Rapport

    Learn how to get the ball rolling with someone you like. What to say to them to start a connection and spark their interest.
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    Step 3: The Alignment Phase

    Build Your Attraction Synapses

    Discover the power of alignment in building that special connection. Learn what to say to identify things in common and build attraction

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    Step 4: The Intimacy Phase

    Learn the Power of Exclusivity

    When is the right time to get closer to someone? How do I make things more personal and intimate so that they see me as someone special? Find out how in this video.

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    Step 5: The
    Game Phase

    Learn How to Make Them Want You

    Find out how to identify that someone is interested in you. Learn how to spice things up with flirtation and sexual banter.

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    Step 6: The Future Vision Phase

    Learn How to
    Raise Your Value

    Excite the present by becoming part of their future. How to show them that you’re going places and a train worth boarding.

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