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About Trudy Gilbert

Matchmaker, Author & Dating Expert

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmaker & Director & Founder
of Elite Introductions, an exclusive matchmaking agency, Trudy
Gilbert has literally played cupid for the last two decades helping
thousands of people find love.

Her passion for helping singles has led to her creating online
courses so that she can reach more singles and guide them to
finding love.


Find out what possessed me to play Cupid and help people throughout their romantic journey. How my life from a child through to my educational pursuits primed me to follow my true calling in the pursuit of love.

In order to have romance in your life you not only have to make the time for it but the space for it. Much of that space is in your own head. Trudy shares the tips to stop you from sabotaging your dates.

In the past decade, dating apps have completely altered the landscape of dating. Our culture is forever shifted in so many ways and virtually none of them good. Trudy points the microscope on the damage caused by the dating app culture.

If dating apps are not the cure to our relationship blues, then what is? In a modern world it can seem that there are no other options. Trudy shares strategies to open your eyes to the potential all around you.